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In the 60’s I did a lot of personal evangelism, often going to GG park in SF where I lived. There was always people to talk to, beginning with “Hi, can I talk to you for a minute?” And that led to a conversation about the gospel.

Then I got involved in the Jesus People Revival. I was one of three leaders of a small group of recently saved high schoolers that grew to about 80 of them. During that time I got married and had two girls.

Then most of the group graduated from high school and left the area. Among those who remained, some wanted more leadership responsibility. The three of us decided it was time to move on and let them grow in that capacity.

My wife and I started 3 Good News Clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship. Sunday afternoons, with our girls in backpack child carriers, we went to a popular park to talk to people about knowing Jesus. We even got people from our church to join us.

Summer was coming, and I quit my job to help the Child Evangelism Fellowship director for San Francisco train teams of Christian teenagers to do what Child Evangelism Fellowship calls 5 Day Clubs, all over the city for the 10 weeks of summer. Summer was over; our children were not yet in school; we had money saved; let’s have an adventure. Going to where missionaries go to see where we could help, we ended up in South Africa, working with a local Children’s Evangelist. We held camps for 9-12 year-old kids and did children’s evangelism programs for churches. Years rolled by, and our girls went to school in South Africa until we returned to the USA.

Eventually, the evangelist got married and things were winding down. At the same time our girls were lobbying to go back to the USA before all their grandparents died. The time seemed right and so we did. Fast forward to after I retired in 2005: Until COVID these are the things we have been doing:


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